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Your home is your sanctuary, a place to create memories and to enjoy special moments with friends and family. In addition to those sentimental moments, it is also often the biggest investment of a lifetime. Protecting your family’s investment begins with eliminating any and all threats that water may pose to your home.

If you’ve ever noticed water pooling in your yard, or that you constantly are having to clean your pets paws off every time they come inside, then it is very likely that your yard has reached its saturation point. Not only will heavy water begin to damage your yard, but if not treated it could lead to potential water damage to your home and crawlspace.

However, standing water isn’t the only threat to damaging your crawlspace and the air that you and your family breathe in while inside your home. When the warm humid air of the Carolina seasons meets the cool AC ducts, the AC duct begins to sweat like a glass of cool water sitting out in the sun. Over time, this is where the moisture can begin to destroy your insulation or pool in various places of your crawlspace floor.

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