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The process of smoothing out the soil

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•French drains
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Elite Moisture Management

Drainage Solutions & French Drains

From channel drains installed in concrete to berms and French drains, we do it all! .

Grading & Excavation

The process of smoothing out the soil, flattening an area, building an area up.


Insulation Removal & Install

Insulation holds the majority of the moisture that looms in a crawlspace.

Encapsulated Crawl Spaces

A basic method used to protect a crawl space from moisture.
Elite moisture management

Dehumidifier Installation

A dehumidifier collects and pumps out any moisture that is inside of your crawlspace, and runs it through a pipe to the outside.
elite moisture management

Plastic Vapor Barrier Install

Insulation holds the majority of the moisture that looms in a crawlspace.

Sump Pump

A sump pump is a device that is used to prevent flooding by catching water in a basin and pumping it out of the designated area.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be essential to a proper home drainage solution while still looking aesthetically pleasing and complimenting your yard.

Concrete Pours

Whether you need your driveway re-done, or would like a sidewalk leading up to a new patio, we've got you covered.

ABOUT USWe have over 10 years experience

Providing solutions to all kinds of moisture problems in homes.
home advisor Elite moisture

How to know when I have drainage problems in my house and when to decide to opt for the service?

Don't let drainage conditions on your property cause problems for your investment.
What does this mean for the value of your property?

If a full survey is carried out on the property, the drainage problem will be discovered. At this point, buyers may well say that they would like a reduced price on the property.

What are the characteristics of Exterior drainage problems?

Outside drains are literally exposed to the elements, and this can mean all kinds of drainage problems. Branches and leaves, which are a normal part of the weather, can clog outdoor drains and cause problems over time. Tree roots can also cause problems in outside drains.

How much will it cost?

Depending on the gravity or situation of the land, the walls and the system in general, allow one of our inspectors to make an evaluation and we can work together.

Reasons to renew the thermal insulation of your property

This is one of the most important reasons to improve the insulation of a thermally deficient construction. Reducing the unnecessary consumption of resources is one of the most important concerns of our times and more and more regulations establish the importance of adopting measures that reduce energy losses and improve the efficiency of properties.

What are the advantages of installing a dehumidifier on my property?

Reduces the formation of mold and bacteria.
Improves the health of the respiratory system.
Avoid skin problems.
Get rid of bad smells.
Facilitates the drying of clothes.
We save on heating.
Small and compact.


“Within two days the crawlspace & moisture barrier were cleaned and installed and my job was completed.

I can’t say enough about the customer service, communication, quality of work, and the price. Pain-free experience, it was great working with Chad and Elite Moisture Management.

Chan H.
Caharlotte, NC

“From the time Elite Moisture Management showed up they were very professional, walked us through the work that was being completed, and kept their work area clean during the whole insulation removal.”

Paul G.
Charlotte, NC

“Chad and his team did great work installing new insulation and a vapor barrier for me. I thought I needed more work done but Chad suggested that I start with smaller simple actions before selling me stuff he didn’t think I would need. He was patient with me until I was ready to do the work. They had my house done in a day and cleaned up like they were never there. I highly recommend giving him a chance for any moisture related issues.”

Dewayne O.
Charlotte, NC

“…Not only was Elite fast but they did an amazing job. It rained two days later and the water was just flowing out of our yard. It has now been a few weeks since the drain was installed and our ground is solid again! The whole team was efficient, friendly, respectful and they did a great job with the installation and the clean up.”

Emma B.
Charlotte, NC

“Elite Moisture Management did an excellent job fixing my Joist issue and encapsulating my Crawl space! I had them do some additional Carpentry and finishing work and it came out perfect. It was a pleasure to work with this company!”

Gary L.
Charlotte, NC

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